Friday, October 22, 2010


Here are our final photo's with a few of our things in here....still waiting for delivery for some things and the lawn needs to be done....very pleased with what we chose considering our circumstances....driveway has started today and will be completed on is day hot and sunny next day sad and the lounge and how it fits in's a custom made and is 2.6m in length with 2 singles ....we're going to put in a 2.4 by 3.4m rug to go in the family....EXCITEMENT STILL RUNNING THROUGH MY BLOOD....just enjoying it now

Friday, October 15, 2010


Finally complete with lawn mix delivered for front and back as well as some crushed rock for our base for the outdoor areas....exciting much!

house complete and fencing is going up....handover is officially on FRIDAY 22/10 with all appliances going in before we take handover as we have told them that we will not pay them until EVERYTHING - including my appliances - is in there!!!

we have 12 x 3m poles going in - they have been placed around the house for screening from neighbours and to stop others from seeing in through our huge sliding doors....also makes it easier for us to build a pergola or sheltered outside living area....1.8m high fence will be the rest....also have a few gates going in....we don't want any "good"sides....can't wait for it to happen

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Has been a very, very long and exhausting road but pleased to say the journey is nearly over....just need them to rip up our laundry andcomplete what should have been completed when they did it - an engineers report for the cutting into my slab - let's hope PCI is soon because WE ARE OVER IT!!!!